Ed Droste suggests that it takes five listens to form a judgement about an album. I have been diving into DIANA’s Familiar Touch. As the song structures become more known, new sounds are revealed, subtly hidden within. The album creates a certain fragile space held together by the rhythm and bass.
Listened Diana (band) from Wikipedia

DIANA is a Canadian synthpop band, consisting of Carmen Elle (vocals), Joseph Shabason (keyboards) and Kieran Adams (drums).[1] Their debut album Perpetual Surrender was a longlisted nominee for the 2014 Polaris Music Prize.[2][3] It was followed by their second album Familiar Touch in November 2016.

I have been digging further into the musical world of Joseph Shabason. This led to DIANA. I have been enjoying this dive into the synth-laden pop. What I like must is the subtly of sounds and textures presented.

Place between Methyl Ethel and Laura Jean.