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“Minimum Viable Product” is a venerable Silicon Valley concept. It argues that if you’ve got an idea for an app, you should release it early — when it’s got barely just enough features to be useful. Sure, the app might only do one thing. But if it does that one thing well, get it out there.

That way you get ahead of the competition. It also helps you figure out if anyone really wants or needs your product. “Don’t knock yourself adding a ton of features at first — just release the basic idea and see if people like it.”

Just figure out the minimum number of things a product should do, and begin there.

… and make it “Maximum Viable Product”

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Here are some wonderings…
To increase the level of professionalism, could we increase all teachers award salary?
If teachers become instructional leaders, why not simply decrease their teaching load? 
If we want to create a collaborative and authentic partnership approach to professional learning, we need to have a balance of power.
If we want teachers to develop professionally and instructional specialists are the answer, we must be careful that they are not used as performance managers.

Great reflection Andrea. Building collaborative teams is hard enough, adding competition into the mix never helps in creating the culture required.

I remember having a ‘build it and they will come‘ approach to collaboration. However, my experience since is that there are many nuances to creating a collaborative environment.

Liked Coaching concepts: My CoachEd. Seminar keynote (the édu flâneuse)

Importantly, coaching is not a stand-alone solution or silver bullet. In my school we have worked towards a differentiated model of in-house professional learning in which staff have voice and choice in taking advantage of a process that most suits their career stage and needs. These options include different types of coaching by different types of coaches, but also more advisory, mentor-style relationships, and also collaborative groups that run like PLCs or journal clubs.