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Facebook - sure, we may have sold your most intimate data to the Russkies, installed a cryptofascist in the whitehouse, engendered genocide in Myanmar and the slaughter of hundreds of innocent people across the developing world, and (just this last week) got caught leaking user data of at least 50,000,000 people, but you should totally allow our always-on microphone and camera into your home! Trust us!
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That is why it saddens me to see indieweb building blocks using the .io domain, largely because the (us-centric) tech culture views io as either cool or relevant, being the abbreviation for input-output. The .io domain, however, is a terrible one to use, as every subscription sees money flowing directly to the people who have carried out an effective genocide of an entire people, and who continue to perpetrate that oppression even today. It is as bad as the situation, just a few years ago, where using .ly domains, channelled funds to Muamar Ghadaffi’s family and regime as they continued to oppress the benighted Libyan people.

If you haven’t been aware of the issues, please, go and learn about the Chagossian people. The UK Chagos Support Asociation has a decent overview of the monstrous actions of the UK and US governments and military treatment of these people. You can see more in the Guardian’s Chagos Archive.