Bookmarked The Return of Anonymous by Dale Beran (The Atlantic)

The infamous hacker group reemerges from the shadows.

Dale Beran talks about what it means for Anonymous to be back. The question that needs to be Beran tackles is whether the original group is back or if this is a continuation of the remix.

Still, my conversation with Vibes left me feeling uncertain about whether Anonymous was really back. The new hacks in May and early June were tied to the group largely through rumors. And the video wasn’t put out by Anonymous hackers, but by an activist who supported their message. In some sense, Vibes was simply another fan, remixing a remix. Was it all just smoke and mirrors?

But when I spoke with a variety of current and former Anonymous hackers over the past month, they all insisted that Anonymous was indeed reactivating. To understand why, and what that really means, it’s helpful to keep in mind the two somewhat-competing interpretations of Anonymous.

Beran maps some of the past, including the association with 4Chan, LulzSec and politics.