Replied to Why blog daily? (Daily-Ink & Pair-a-dimes un-post-ed)

It might go to an audience of just one, but I’ll share it publicly, and hopefully anyone reading this, besides me, will enjoy the writing journey I’m on.

I have really like the idea of daily reflection David, but always struggle to prioritise the time and space in the busyness of daily like. I also wonder if daily is the most sustainable of habits. I do a lot of curating, but feel I could do more creating. What you have reminded me though is that blogs and ideas are all around us, we just need to be willing to let them in.
Liked A day in the life of a futurist, 2018 edition (Bryan Alexander)

It’s useful if unsurprising to see how much of my work depends on digital networks, how uneven they are, and how accustomed we are to the latter.Β  Nobody groaned on the Silver Line when the car slipped out of 4G coverage, because we expect it.Β  Conversely, at no point was I beholden to a physical office, as my work exists in a distributed assemble of brain, devices, networks, and multiple storage/service sites.

The idea of recording a ‘day in your life’ is such an interesting idea. I might start this myself as a part of my yearly activities.