Liked No talk of 'broken f***ing arms' as volume is turned up on Paine and Kohli's conversations (ABC News)
The ICC's decision to allow broadcasters the option of leaving the microphones on throughout play provides viewers with some memorable exchanges, helping bring viewers closer to the heart of the action.
Tim Paine’s sledge is up there with the best:

“I know he’s your captain, but you can’t seriously like him as a bloke.”

Liked Radiohead's Ed O'Brien: 'Cricket Was My Refuge' | Wisden Cricket (Wisden)
If live music and cricket do have common ground in their public service, the blissed-out simplicity of bringing people together would be it. “There’s a ritual to it,” he says. “There was the chaos of the early years but as a band we have learnt to walk out on stage and feel relaxed so we can play and be in the moment. It’s all about how you approach that day. Maybe it’s age that helps, but I really believe in ceremony and that the preparation is the key. Great gigs are like ceremony, a sporting event is like a ceremony. There’s something that’s very deep about it.”
So much of the discussion around the recent scandal involving the use of sandpaper to scuff the ball has been blamed on Cameron Bancroft, Steve Smith and David Warner. This documentary takes a wider look. Painting a picture of a perfect storm, it touches on David Warner being on edge, past history involving South Africa using a lolly to shine the ball, the creation of a competitive culture that incentivised winning and one of Australia’s youngest captains when he took the reigns.