Liked Have Your Third Teacher Meet the First Teacher: Bringing the Inside Out (Technology Rich Inquiry Based Research)

When you visit the schools of Reggio Emilia, you are asked not to take photos of the indoor environment, not only to protect children but to prevent others from trying to duplicate in an inauthentic way. As Howard Gardner said in 1997:

I think that it’s a mistake to take any school approach and assume, like a flower, that you can take it from one soil and put it into another one. That never works. This doesn’t mean at all that [we] can’t learn a tremendous amount from it, but we have to reinvent it. … We have to figure out what are the aspects which are most important to us and what kind of soil we need here to make those aspects thrive.

Liked Some Things I Learned in Cape Town (Reflecting Allowed)

You can never fully understand a context until you are immersed in it. I know in 10 days I didn’t suddenly become an expert on South Africa or Cape town. But I did see so many similarities to my own context – this never happens this way in a US or UK context, for obvious reasons. Differences also still huge and i have a lot to learn about decolonizing in this complex context