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So much of the current pandemic seems to be a case of ‘rubbish in, rubbish out’. I am intrigued by Tim Harford’s reflection on UK’s decision to move into lockdown again:

Lockdowns can work if they allow a properly run contact-tracing programme to take over.

However, I assume that contact-tracing is only ever is good as the information that is provided? The answer for some is to trust technology. However, if people are willing to lie to human contact tracers, why would we assume they use the technology appropriately?

Bookmarked Bluetooth bugs are making contact tracing apps spit out tons of errors by Matt Burgess (WIRED UK)

Seven months into the Covid-19 pandemic, we still don’t know how effective contact tracing apps are. What we do know is Bluetooth can be wildly inaccurate

Matt Burgess unpacks some of the problems and limitations associated with depending on Bluetooth for the contact tracing.
Liked Dissection of COVIDSafe (Android) (Google Docs)

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