Replied to Optimize algorithms to support kids online, not exploit them by an author

I do not believe that we can entirely ban these spaces, tools, and practices from our children…nor would we want to. But, we need to identify and promote our expectations for what is meant by access to their “meaningful online relationships and knowledge” means now, and in their future.

Consent is such an interesting topic Ian. With the world ever changing, I am not sure how we best account for what we maybe inadvertently giving up. Banning does not feel like the answer, but putting our hands in the air and giving up is not much better. I aspire for a ‘good enough’ (if that is the right term) digital mindfulness. Where I think I understand, but am also aware that there is most likely a lot occuring outside of my peripheral vision.
Replied to A Beginner’s Guide To Google Photos (The Edublogger)

Google Photos is an excellent free solution for storing, organizing, and sharing photos and videos. Let’s get you started with this step-by-step beginner’s guide!

Thorough as always Sue. I have touched on Photos in the past, my only concern relates to where it sits within Google. It is not a part of the core suite of apps, therefore if you are to use it with students you should really get signed consent first?