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Is it a reflection on the current climate and culture of work? Assumptions that become ingrained. Although about art, these posts might interest you as I think that there are some cross-over.
Bookmarked Researching Your Own Practice: The Discipline of Noticing by CEM (eDirector's News)
One of the key ideas in Mason's book involves the pitfalls of teachers acting by routine only. Professionals become professionals, he acknowledges, by developing perceptions and skills, and by ‘routinising’ them. But Mason says that routines also deaden us. When things seem familiar and we react according to pattern or habit, we may not really be seeing what’s there. That means that we may not be doing as well as we might. The art of noticing is to keep open to new perceptions while standing on the base of skills, routines, and knowledge that enables us to function as well as we do. The discipline of noticing is to keep such noticing productive, and this is at the core of Mason’s agenda.
A short summary of Researching Your Own Practice: The Discipline of Noticing by John Mason
Liked Thanks for the Feedback by Adrian Camm (Adrian Camm)
One of my big takeaways from Thanks for the Feedback: The Science and Art of Receiving Feedback Well is the fact that we often have multiple issues present in any feedback conversation that confuse, disorient and lead to conflict. When this occurs we need to be explicit and signpost that this is the case with a statement like, “I think that there are two topics here. Let’s discuss each topic fully, but separately, as both are important. Ok. Let’s loop back to the start and start with the first topic.”

When we speak to early career teachers, it appears that most enter the profession with the belief that they will continue learning. Most are grateful for any support in those first few years as they gradually move from survival to ongoing growth and development. Supporting the development of this next generation of educators and helping them to flourish requires relationships built on respect, humility and unconditional positive regard.

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