Bookmarked Scott Morrison’s bushfire ad is deceptive and raises serious integrity issues, expert says (the Guardian)

The Griffith University integrity expert Professor AJ Brown, also a board member of Transparency International, said this made the ad both misleading and divisive, making it an “own goal” for a prime minister trying belatedly to restore public trust.

Christopher Knaus speaks with AJ Brown from Griffith University about Scott Morrison’s bushfire ad.

The issue that Brown raises is that the video was published as a Liberal Party product, rather than from the Prime Minister of Australia.

Brown said if the ad was truly designed to provide public information, Morrison could simply have authorised it as “Scott Morrison, Prime Minister of Australia” – not as a Liberal party product – and asked for it to be distributed it through government channels, not Liberal party ones.

Morrison defended the decision suggesting that following the usual process would have had problems.

Morrison has defended the ad, saying he chose to publish the ad from his own office because following normal government advertising processes would have meant ‘problems of its own’.