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I love this Chris. The pandemic has run havoc through my workflows and productivity. I have found myself consume a lot of podcasts, but not necessarily reading and responding to many posts.

Another response that I liked was this from Ben Collins.

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I love how it forces me to interact with Twitter in a slower, more deliberate, manner. I miss out on more tweets in my timeline than I read, and I’m perfectly fine with that.

I agree Chris about being okay with the slowness of interaction. I think that it forces me to go beyond the instant response. It might be frustrating in regards to interacting with such things as Twitter chats, but maybe that is good thing?
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I mentioned yesterday my frustrations with Instagram were at an all-time high, and I wanted to β€œsoft quit” the app by adding my follows as a source in Monocle. I didn’t find any existing guide on how to do this (sorry if I misse…

Chris McLeod provides a useful guide for using Granary to create a feed for Instagram to use within a feed reader.