Bookmarked Excerpt: How Google bought Androidโ€”according to folks in the room (Ars Technica)

Androids: The team that built the Android operating system is a new book from longtime Android engineer Chet Haase. Haase has been on the Android team since 2010, and he interviewed dozens of Googlers for this book, which offers a behind-the-scenes look at early Android development. With Haase’s permission, we’re giving readers a look at chapters four and five of the book, “The Pitch,” and “The Acquisition.” That portion covers the independent Android Inc.’s search for venture capital and the team’s eventual meeting with Google. The book is out this weekend in eBook and paperback (Amazon, Google Play), and Haase is donating proceeds to Black Girls Code and Women Who Code.

In an exceprt from Androids: The team that built the Android operating system, Chet Haase discusses how the Android platform came to be acquired by Google, rather than go down the path of being carrier-centric. Interesting to read this alongside the history of Firefox OS.