Liked LMS, Privacy, and Purpose Limitation: A response to Melissa Loble (

When Dan Goldsmith feels the LMS elephant, it’s all big-data and AI and ML.

When I feel the LMS elephant, it’s just a clunky tool I use for communicating with students.

And I am sure others have their own take on the LMS elephant, and that means we also have our own take on what LMS data privacy should mean, and that’s because we see the LMS as having different purposes. Canvas is both one thing, and also different things, based on what we experience from our own perspectives (instructor, student, Instructure shareholder, etc. etc…).

Liked To Go Far Enough (Sean Michael Morris)

So to be clear: the Instructure DIG initiative would be impossible if students and teachers didn’t show up to class and use the LMS. Likewise, Turnitin’s very expensive database, would eventually become worthless if teachers and institutions stopped asking students to turn-it-in. We—teachers, administrators, instructional designers–make these platforms not only worth their purchase price, but we make these platforms run.