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When I was thinking about running an Zine making workshop at OER19, Catherine Cronin encouraged me to reach out to potential co-collaborators. Iโ€™m really glad I followed such sage wisdom. Amy Burvall is one of the most creative educators I know, and while we beavered away on our proposal, I realised that Amy brought a completely fresh perspective on what I thought I knew a little about. In fact, it wasnโ€™t long before Amy had educated me on Zine culture and the many different approaches to making a Zine.

Bryan Mathers reflects upon his session run with Amy Burvall at OER19 designing a zine. I love the way that Amy Burvall creates the conditions for learning This reminds me of a session I ran a few years ago at DLTV focusing on QuickMakes, just different.
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This site allows you to add your own meaning to artwork by participating in it’s remix. It’s a collection of distinct visual apps. If you’d like to use REMIXER for your business, conference or campaign,

This is the project page for all of Bryan Mathers’ remix projects. I have tinkered with a few of these in the past:

However, I did not release how many others had been created, including an WWW EBI postcard, thrump card templates, meme generator and an open badge designer.

Replied to Reclaim Video Artwork by Lauren Brumfield (

Tim had the brilliant idea to use this as part of our new splash page when someone signs up for a domain. Their newly registered domain could automatically generate on the tape when they refresh their page.

Lauren, I love the idea of having my own customised blank tape on my site, are you suggesting that you might make available an option to generate our own tape, like with Bryan’s other recent project?