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The release of last week’s episode of Gettin’ Air came with bonus material… A new logo! I’ve loved Bryan Mathers’ work for a long time. My laptop is covered in work he’s done with the likes of Reclaim Hosting, Audrey Watters, OpenETC … just to name a few. I wear his work on my belly of…

Enjoyed listening to this conversation between Terry Greene and Bryan Mathers. I was really interested in his point about branding and that sometimes you do not know if a coat is the right fit until you wear it a few times. However, the comment that I like the most was something Bryan said at the end about ideas and listening:

Good listening is playing back what people actually already know, but they don’t really know they know.

Terry also shared Bryan’s creation of a new logo for the podcast on his blog.

This reminded me of Growth Coaching and the ‘coaching way of being’.

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“As it turns out, the answer is not that simple. You see, Sir Professor Isaac of Newton was so clever, he was born in BOTH 1642 and 1643…”
Taken from the current issue of the Visual Thinker. You can subscribe here.
You can use this image for free without changing it as long you include the at…

I really enjoyed this account Bryan. I have found the challenge associated with supporting my daughter intriguing. Sadly, coxing her down rabbit holes has been a bit of a challenge as I am not her ‘real teacher’. Although she has enjoyed diving into Minecraft which has been her supposed bonus passion project.
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This is a two and a half hour tour-de-force of a free-ranging discussion about radio, art, and much more between myself and the great visual thinkerer: Bryan Mathers. My relationship with Bryan goes back to chance encounter in 2015 when I met him at a conference in Barcelona (thanks Doug Belshaw!). He has subsequently defined the visual aesthetic of Reclaim Hosting, and for that we will be ever grateful.

Jim, I enjoyed listening to DS106 Radio Reclaim Radio after the fact. I love how you will start a long thread unpacking something, only to get halfway through it and basically stop and scrap it. I was intrigued by the discussion of aesthetic and the need for authenticity. I have also been left thinking about the saying:

You’ve gotta dance like there’s nobody watching,
Love like you’ll never be hurt,
Sing like there’s nobody listening,
And live like it’s heaven on earth.

Maybe a couple of things to add to that is:

Blog like no-one is reading
Talk on radio like there is no audience.

Bryan’s discussion of re-doing his newsletter has me wondering about my own monthly contribution to the cosmos. It has developed over time, with the indulgent addition of my own voice. However, I wonder if the idea of subscriptions is in fact a burden to the whole process? I am interested in scrapping Buttondown and setting up means for people to anonymously to subscribe. This is one of the things that has intrigued me about, the fact that you cannot see who is following. Only who is commenting.

Last thoughts on the DS106radio cult revival, I was left thinking whether bringing it back now was just different. I recently stumbled upon Damian Cowell discussing TISM and wondering if it was simply a product of its time. Although Cowell continues to make music, it is no longer TISM aesthetic. How has the DS106 aesthetic changed and evolved since 2011? Or is it still the same?

Sorry, I seemed to have transgressed. Stay safe and talk on.

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When I was thinking about running an Zine making workshop at OER19, Catherine Cronin encouraged me to reach out to potential co-collaborators. I’m really glad I followed such sage wisdom. Amy Burvall is one of the most creative educators I know, and while we beavered away on our proposal, I realised that Amy brought a completely fresh perspective on what I thought I knew a little about. In fact, it wasn’t long before Amy had educated me on Zine culture and the many different approaches to making a Zine.

Bryan Mathers reflects upon his session run with Amy Burvall at OER19 designing a zine. I love the way that Amy Burvall creates the conditions for learning This reminds me of a session I ran a few years ago at DLTV focusing on QuickMakes, just different.
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This site allows you to add your own meaning to artwork by participating in it’s remix. It’s a collection of distinct visual apps. If you’d like to use REMIXER for your business, conference or campaign,

This is the project page for all of Bryan Mathers’ remix projects. I have tinkered with a few of these in the past:

However, I did not release how many others had been created, including an WWW EBI postcard, thrump card templates, meme generator and an open badge designer.

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Tim had the brilliant idea to use this as part of our new splash page when someone signs up for a domain. Their newly registered domain could automatically generate on the tape when they refresh their page.

Lauren, I love the idea of having my own customised blank tape on my site, are you suggesting that you might make available an option to generate our own tape, like with Bryan’s other recent project?