Bookmarked Make a Digital Escape Room with Google Apps (EDUWELLS)

Google apps are useful and Google Classroom has made teaching in a digital environment wonderfully easy. There is a downside though. Teachers are confident with Docs and Slides and too often happy …

Richard Wells provides a few notes associated with the creation of digital escape rooms using Google, including a useful graphic:

Richard Wells' graphic associated with the creation of digital escape rooms

Bookmarked Librarians turned Google Forms into the unlikely platform for virtual escape rooms by Aliya Chaudhry ([object Object])

By going through the games, players develop their problem-solving and reading comprehension skills, Brooke Windsor, a librarian at Richmond Hill Public Library in Ontario says. She’s made several escape rooms, including ones themed around Star WarsMarvel superheroes, and Jurassic World. In addition to honing those skills, the problems and puzzles often involve geography or math.

“We still want to sneak in that learning, broccoli-in-the-brownie style,” says Windsor.

These activities provide a vehicle for teachers to get students interested in different subjects. Lockard says that her ancient Egypt-themed escape room is used in history classes, and her space-themed one is used by science teachers and Girl Scouts groups.

Aliya Chaudhry reports on how some librarians have turned to digital escape rooms. Cory Doctorow explains how:

The librarian-creators link these puzzles into online resources from their collections and the whole world, turning them into jumping-off points for self-directed research and learning.


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Give students the opportunity to collaborate with peers while using critical-thinking skills to solve clues and puzzles to open a variety of locks.

Kimberly Broton discusses how her students created their own BreakoutEDU experiences.