Bookmarked Kawehi Covers, by Kawehi (Kawehi)

20 track album

I came upon I Am Kawehi via YouTube and her cover of Nirvana’s Heart Shape Box:

I love the way in which she reproduces the various songs, but also provides her own twists. As much of her music is built around loops it also helped appreciate the different parts.

Place between Kimbra and Reuben Stone

Listened The 2010s: The Rise Of Bandcamp from All Songs Considered

In this episode of All Songs Considered, CEO and co-founder Ethan Diamond says that when an artist succeeds on Bandcamp, Bandcamp succeeds. That philosophy has driven the company since 2008, with over $425 million paid directly to musicians and record labels. Sadie Dupuis says that Bandcamp was instrumental in booking the first tour for her band Speedy Ortiz and that its name-your-price model has not only allowed her some steady income but also an avenue to raise money for causes she cares about.