Liked I taught maths for 25 years, but I won’t go back to the classroom. Here’s why by Robin Nagy (ABC News)

We need to give teachers the environment they need to be able to thrive, and we need to recognise and encourage the importance of teachers’ individual personality and character in inspiring the next generation of students.

Bookmarked Dan Tehan and the myth of school autonomy (The Age)

Tehan’s call for greater autonomy may sound like common sense but it fails to acknowledge the reality that, for 20 years, Victorian parents, teachers, and principals have had more autonomy than any other state education system.

But the evidence shows greater autonomy exacerbates inequalities while leaving academic standards unchanged and individual schools in disadvantaged communities very often doing more with less.

Professor Amanda Keddie, Professor Jill Blackmore, Dr Caroline Mahoney and Dr Katrina MacDonald respond to Dan Tehan’s call for greater autonomy to parents, teachers and principals. They argue that there is actually no compelling evidence that links school autonomy to school improvement in Australia. Instead, it has adverse effects, including increased gaming practices and greater stratification.