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Though I didnโ€™t become a professional musician or producer or recording engineer, I like to think that this kind of exercise โ€” studying something you love in depth โ€” is valuable no matter what the field or the genre. The results donโ€™t matter. When you study something so closely, in so much depth, you learn what it is to really pay attention. And paying attention is the art that builds a more meaningful and creative life.

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I agree with him: it will eat you alive if you keep it inside. I think one thing you can do is spit it out, cut it out, or get it out by whatever means available โ€” write it down or draw it out on paper โ€” and take a hard look at it so it might actually teach you something.
I think I have been caught in the envy trap before, especially when overlooked for promotion. It can be easy to get caught up in the blame game, but as Kleon highlights the benefit comes when you stop and take stock of such situations to provide the fuel to push on.
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Reading to an audience is best, because you start really judging the thing when you have to project it into a room full of people. Quentin Tarantino says he likes to read his scripts to his friends, not for their feedback, but their presence. โ€œI donโ€™t want input, I donโ€™t want you to tell me if Iโ€™m doing anything wrong, heavens forbid,โ€ he says, โ€œBut I write a scene, and I think Iโ€™ve heard it as much as I can, but then when I read it to you โ€ฆ I hear it through your ears, and it lets me know Iโ€™m on the right track.โ€
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The joy and luck, for me, of writing my books, is that Iโ€™ve stumbled my way into a form (specifically: the illustrated gift book) that is not only commercial and popular, but also allows me to be as weird and as visual as I want to be. (I really do think of the books as fancy zines.)ย If they are shelved in self-help, so be it! All books are, in a sense, self-help: you help yourself to them.
Austin Kleon shares a handful of thoughts about the self-help genre. This includes being sceptical of the genre, the association with individualism, often such books are accidents and advice is autobiographical. This reminds me in part of the idea of bibliotherapy.