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I recently figured out that software like Zoom lets you select different cameras and microphones on your computer, so it’s possible without much effort to quickly switch between my MacBook Pro camera, which is pointed at me, and my document camera, which is pointed at my desk, all while continuing to speak into my nice microphone.

Not sure if you are interested Austin, but I really enjoyed Aaron Parecki’s breakdown of his setup and workflow

Quite amazing what can be done now on the fly.

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What if school, in fact, isn’t the best place for your kids to learn? What if you didn’t try to replicate school at home? What if you had the opportunity, now, to try something else? What if we saw this time as a radical opportunity to let our kids learn and explore their interests unfettered by the demands of the classroom? What would happen if you stopped worrying about teaching them and gave your kids the time, space, and materials to lead their own learning? What would happen if you let them in on your working life, let them see you working, involved them more deeply in the work of keeping up a house?

Austin Kleon shares his thoughts on John Holt’s newsletter about homeschooling and how it relates to the current crisis of online learning.
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Great point Austin. Own you comments, own your thoughts. Domain of one’s own.
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One of the great disconnects between me and my evangelical dad is that he wants so badly for me to believe, and if there’s one thing I believe, it’s that belief is overrated.

What I believe in is the practice, the rituals, the things to do. I know my dad fears for me and my salvation, but here I am, doing the things I learned from his example and our religion: loving my family and my neighbors as best as I can, working, saying thanks, devoting myself daily to connecting to something larger than myself, etc.

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Just adding to your conversations about drawing Riss. You might be interested in Austin Kleon’s recent post discussing drawing with kids.

I know lots of parents are stuck at home with kiddos right now, so I thought I’d put together a big list of my favorite resources for drawing with kids.

Along with Mo Willems’ videos, he provides a number of resources and recommendations. It is a reminder that technology is more than just a computer.

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Thread by @austinkleon: Suddenly faced with not sending your kids to school? Consider NOT trying to replicate school at home right now. One ogs that good homeschooling books talk about is how there’s a “detox” period in which kids & parents re-adjust…

Austin Kleon shares some thoughts to learning from home. This includes a link to a number of resources on Tumblr, as well as a post from Melissa Wiley. Importantly, Kleon warns about the dangers of trying to replicate school.
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I’d been so focus-driven for the last few years that I hadn’t bothered to plot a point beyond the one I was focused on, and for a person with my particular brain, that is a very dangerous place to be. My brain has two drivers. And when I’m not at the wheel, depression decides to do a little driving.

It’s time to plot a new destination. And, and, and… here’s the good news: I think I’ve got one. So stay tuned because we’re going to drive there together.

Mike, this reminds of Austin Kleon’s new book, where he discusses what to do when you don’t know what to do … Keep Going.
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If the state of politics is wearing you out as much as it is wearing me out, here are some books that have helped me keep my head in the past few years (many of them come straight from the reading list in the back of Keep Going): Neil Postman, Amusing Ourselves To Death (written 35 years ago, this seems to me to be an absolutely essential text for understanding how we got to this moment in our culture)Jenny Odell, How To Do NothingLao TzuTao Te ChingAlan Jacobs, How To ThinkUrsula Franklin, The Real World of Technology and Pacifism as a MapStefan ZweigMontaigneE.H. GombrichA Little History of the Worldand Henry David Thoreau’s journals 

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How many things that blossom and bear fruit in one year were planted as seeds years before…

Austin, your discussion of seeds reminds me of something Tom Waits said on the Take 5 podcast I was listening to:

That’s really what we hope for … plant a few seeds and then we go. We are all just drawing in the dirt with a stick.

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Liberty Hyde Bailey’s thoughts on gardening and how they relate to creative work.

I love this quote Austin.

I know poets who do not write poetry, artists who do not paint, architects who do not build. I know gardeners who do not garden.

It makes me wonder about teachers who do not teach and the importance of first and foremost caring.