Replied to Recording an audiobook during a pandemic by an author

It took us two days to get through 42,000 words, which I’m told isn’t too bad! I had two big revelations:

1. Recording is a physical process. It’s actually really hard work — it requires a ton of concentration and performance while sitting on your ass. My throat and my nerves were raw and I was an exhausted wreck at the end of the day! You start to notice every single weird pop and click your horrible mouth makes. I drank probably 3 gallons of water. (I was told, too late, that a green apple helps with mouth noise.)

2. You should record the audiobook before you turn in the book. I always read my work out loud when I’m editing, but being forced to say your words into a microphone and hearing your voice over headphones turns up every wart and wrinkle in the text. “What illiterate wrote this script?” I thought, five minutes into recording. The books got even better in the course of recording.

Thank you Austin for sharing your recording experience. It sounds like the closet is the way to go.

The process of using tools provided and dialling in remotely reminded me of Jacob Collier’s reflections on the use of Source Connect on the Switched on Pop podcast.

Looking forward to hearing the books. Maybe it is a trick of the mind, but I always like hearing an author read their own work.