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Pavel Anni has put together a companion to Cory Doctorow’s novel, Attack Surface and the Little Brother series documenting the various technology and terms used.

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Kathe Koja explained that while adults tend to read to amuse and entertain themselves, kids read to figure out how the world works.

Cory Doctorow talks about the difference between writing a young adult novel (Little Brother and Homeland) as opposed to his third book encapsulating that world, Attack Surface.

Becoming an adult doesnโ€™t merely mean acquiring the context for your reason to work upon, after all. It also means perfecting your ability to rationalize your way into one small compromise after another, accumulating a kind of ethical debt, one whose balance steadily mounts, making it harder to confront head on. If you have a debt that you donโ€™t service, you will eventually default, and thatโ€™s what Masha, the (anti)hero of Attack Surface is going through.