Listened The creeping militarisation of our police from Radio National

Police officers in many  western countries now dress like paramilitaries. Special police units are being trained and organised along military lines and issued with military-grade weapons. Is this creeping “militarisation” justified and what are the future implications for the effectiveness of policing in democratic societies?

Antony Funnell explores the increasing militarisation of police through training and uniform. This was an interesting inadvertent response to the recent raids on ABC journalists.
Bookmarked Counterculture, consumerism and the far right (Radio National)

Countercultural movements, like Occupy Wall Street, are meant to be future-focussed – revolutionary even. So, why do they often fade into commercialism? Are they simply a function of consumer capitalism? If so, what future do they have? And must they always be progressive?

Antony Funnell leads an inquiry into counterculture. Exploring what it might mean today, it’s relationship with capitalism, and whether there can be a counterculture from the right. One of the interesting points was that our response to the big five will be at the heart of the next countercultural response. This had me wondering whether the movements such as the #IndieWeb and Domain of One’s Own are best appreciated as countercultural movements? If so, what implication does this have long term?

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Listened The elusive edge of Innovation from Radio National

Are entrepreneurs the great innovators we’re told they are? What if the ideal of the lone genius is simply a myth? Innovation is a buzz term that’s become so over-used as to be almost meaningless. It’s time to be more innovative in our understanding of innovation.

Antony Funnell explores the question of innovation. This includes what constitutes innovation, who is actually innovative and why the idea of the great innovator is often a myth. It is interesting to listen to this alongside Rolin Moe’s negative history.