Bookmarked Taking back the true agenda for ‘Writing’ – the story of a PETAA learning ‘intensive’ by Anna Del Conte (Anne's Angle)

a. Our school needs to build our teachers’ capacity to be teachers of writers.We need to complete a whole school language review and develop shared beliefs about teaching writing.

b. We need to find a process of building in sustainability. This means that there needs to be high quality sustained professional learning over time.  We need to be assessing, recording and reporting achievement and listening to student voice.

c. We need to give our students time to play with stories, to have time to write and to write for fun.

Anna Del Conte reflects on her participation in the recent PETAA Showcase and Writing Intensive. She collects together a number of ideas and suggestions for supporting writing in school, such as engaging hearts and minds through play and focusing on whole language.
Bookmarked How well do we ‘face up to’ racism? by Anna Del Conte (Anne's Angle)
Multiculturalism is not an outcome but a process.  Racism may not be deliberate BUT anti-racism is always deliberate.
Anna Del Conte provides some take-aways from a course on racism. Some of the activities included what racism is, a timeline of diversity in Australia and listening to stories. Another resource I am reminded of is Dan Haesler’s interview with Stan Grant. In part this stemmed from Grant’s speech addressing racism.