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The addictive seductions of technology are limiting our creativity and potential , instead of enhancing it. Author Amber Case suggests how we can fix this by reclaiming human time, and keeping our phones in their place.

Amber Case provides some strategies to support users in being more mindful of their technology use:

  • Spend an hour a day without a device
  • Call instead of text
  • Pause before you react on social media
  • Install browser plugins to calm your web browsing experience
  • Improve Sleep Cycles and restore circadian rhythms
  • Defragment your brain through nature
  • Disable alerts on your phone
  • Create to do lists on paper

Some of this reminds me of Clay Shirky’s focus on awkward habits. That is one of the positives I have found about the IndieWeb. For more from Amber Case, listen to her Team Human interview.

via Adam Tinworth

Liked The Hidden Cost of Touchscreens – Amber Case – Medium by Amber Case (Medium)

Beyond safety considerations, there are productivity gains inherent in physical controls. When I worked in a mailroom during college, I processed packages with a very ugly keyboard-based system. I learned the machine in a single day and it quickly became part of me; the data density it could rapidly handle was enormous. In the same way that high school students bond with graphing calculators in Calculus class, we can become intertwined with these physical interfaces in a way that doesn’t force us to think when we use them. We work with them and they work with us. They could be considered one of Donna Haraway’s “companion species”.