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Bookmarked Lessons Learned | EdCan Network (EdCan Network)

We consider the narratives and lessons that emerge from both the content of these articles and our own experiences.

Canadian academics, Alec Couros and Katia Hildebrandt consider the various discussions and evidence associated education during the current pandemic to identify five narratives:

  1. Educators can, and do, leverage technologies in powerful and creative ways, but inequitable access to devices and connectivity remains a major barrier to student success.
  2. As home-school relationships become increasingly important, parents’ abilities to support their children’s learning can have a major impact.
  3. School climate has a significant effect on how teachers, learners, and parents experience school, but care must be taken to ensure inclusivity for all members of the school community.
  4. The move to remote learning has laid bare the degree to which teachers’ (and schools’) roles extend beyond academic instruction.
  5. The challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic offer a tremendous opportunity for transformational change in our education systems, should we choose to take it up.

It is interesting to compare this with Jal Mehta’s lessons:

  1. There are limits to one-size-fits-all schooling
  2. Schools need to be more human
  3. We cannot set the needs of students against the needs of adults
  4. It is not clear how we catch students up on what they have missed during the pandemic

Mehta touches on the challenges of equality in regards to how different states respond to the situation.

Although these lessons seem pretty universal, I wonder if building back better actually starts locally. It will be interesting to see how different systems around the world provide long term support in response to the situation and the mechanisms they will use to measure the return on investment.

Bookmarked Alec Couros was used by scammers to catfish thousands of women and he’s a victim too – ABC News (

After seven years and two beautiful children, Alec’s marriage ended in divorce. Or maybe his wife died, depending on who you ask. But thousands of women believe he is the love of their lives.

Bridget Judd dives into the world of catfishing, focusing on the use and abuse of Alex Couros’ identity. Judd discusses the way in which fake profiles are created, the challenges associated with challenging these and the various intentions behind such accounts. For more on the topic, read posts by Alan Levine, Dean Shareski and Alec Couros himself. Also the case of Lydia Abdelmalek provides another detailed case.