Liked Airbnb claims its AI can predict whether guests are psychopaths (Futurism)

According to patent documents reviewed by the Evening Standard, the tool takes into account everything from a user’s criminal record to their social media posts to rate their likelihood of exhibiting “untrustworthy” traits — including narcissism, Machiavellianism, and even psychopathy.

Bookmarked I Accidentally Uncovered a Nationwide Scam on Airbnb (Vice)

How easy is it to exploit Airbnb? While searching for my grifter, I found out.

Allie Conti documents the way in which scammers work around Airbnb’s terms and conditions to scam vulnerable tourists with false listings by seemingly fake accounts. It says a lot about supposed ratings and digital trust systems. Airbnb has responsed with a promise to verify all listings.
Bookmarked How to Scan Your Airbnb for Hidden Cameras (Slate Magazine)

Our guide recommends some tools you can use to spot internet-connected devices. But keep an eye out for random bottles of Mountain Dew, too.

Aaron Mak reports on Andrew Barker’s criticism of hidden cameras in AirBnB. Building on Barker’s advice, Mak provides a number of strategies, including using a scanner app and checking for consumer grade cameras, such as fake alarm clocks, USB chargers, buckets, lamps and stuffed animals.