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Does anyone have something they like to use to explain affordances. I’ve been working on it for weeks, but i’d love to send my keener students another perspective if i could

Dave, you might was to have a look at Ian Guest’s post on affordances  related to his PhD.
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Is it just me or is technology getting more confusing and less user-friendly. And no, my sound bar scrolling ‘WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME’ while being fully inoperative is NOT user friendly!

You might be interested in Clive Thompson’s idea of ‘maximum viable product‘, where he discusses the idea of an application doing one thing and doing it well.
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I wonder if we should spend some time explaining to pupils why we choose the tools we use, the affordances of said tools and the drawbacks. In the case of “free” tools why companies give them away. I don’t believe we think about these reasons in enough depth.

Bookmarked Technology is amoral by Chris (

I ‘ve been asked to present a keynote and workshop at the National Education Summit in Melbourne in August. The organisers of the event wanted to do an interview and ask a few questions as a way of promoting the event, which I did via email. This has been published elsewhere, but I thought I’d c…

This is interesting reading in regards to the arguments of Gary Stager and Virginia Eubanks. I wonder if any part of the system is ‘neutral’ or amoral?