Liked ADHD guidelines have finally been released in Australia. Here’s why that matters by Gemma Breen (ABC News)

The 111 recommendations were wide-ranging: from the use of medications, family support and a need for further research. Here are just a few of interest:

  • Parents and carers of children with ADHD should be offered training and support when a child is diagnosed
  • People diagnosed with ADHD should have access to the NDIS
  • There needs to be a greater focus on supporting students with ADHD in school and tertiary settings
  • There should be greater involvement of GPs in the identification, diagnosis and treatment of the disorder
  • Children should be given clear pathways for treatment and support into adolescence and, eventually, adulthood
  • ADHD medication should be monitored on an ongoing basis
  • There should also be a focus on non-medical interventions, such as lifestyle changes
  • More knowledge is needed to better understand and detect ADHD in girls and women.
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