Bookmarked Adam Kneale was like any footy-loving boy of the 80s until a trip to Footscray’s Western Oval turned his innocent life into a nightmare by Russell Jackson (ABC News)

When Adam Kneale was offered a chance to help out around the Footscray Football Club as an 11-year-old, he thought he was realising every kids’ dream. Instead, he faced unimaginable trauma. WARNING: This story contains graphic descriptions of sexual abuse.

Russell Jackson shares the harrowing story of Adam Kneale and his abuse within the confines of a football club. I was really taken by the reminder about an incident verses a disaster.

“His brother lives in the country now, and he’ll call and say he’s broken a chainsaw. I say ‘that’s an incident, not a disaster’. Adam has had disaster after disaster and they’re two very different things. To lose the boy when he’s becoming a man is heartbreaking.”

It is scary how such things can happen without anyone being aware. This continues his investigation into abuse and neglect within football clubs.