Replied to New AI Systems Are Here to Personalize Learning by Aaron Frank (Singularity Hub)

Can the technologies automating jobs also help workers learn the skills they’ll need to find new work in the changing economy? This AI learning startup thinks so.

The idea of AI tracking every movement in education and providing for our next step is an interesting proposition. I am just concerned why ethics comes after the supposed solution:

β€œOur goal is to build an ethics review board that has teeth, is diverse in both gender and background but also in thought and belief structures. The idea is to have our ethics review panel ensure we’re building things ethically,” Talebi said.

What happens if the ethics board says the whole thing is unethical?

Personally, I am left wondering if the supposed personalized ‘results’ are worth the reward? There is talk of scraping even more data:

Going forward, Ahura hopes to add to its suite of biometric data capture by including things like pupil dilation and facial flushing, heart rate, sleep patterns, or whatever else may give their system an edge in improving learning outcomes.

Next we will be measuring the pupils of every staff member to maximise market gains? Is this what education is for?