Bookmarked Tell the World – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) (4Corners)

Exposing how China is creating the world’s largest prison.

“People started to literally disappear, communities were being emptied of adult men and women.” China researcher

It’s a remote corner of the world, but what is taking place there is nothing short of breathtaking.

“My older brother, younger brothers and two younger sisters, five siblings were all taken by… masked police. Heavily armed Special Forces police raided their home and taken (sic) them by covering their face and shackling them in front of the kids.” Australian Uyghur

Xinjiang province is a vast area of deserts and mountains where the ancient Silk Road once ran. Today its Uyghur population is being systematically rounded up with estimates of as many as a million citizens being held in detention.

Sophie McNeill reports on the rise of the surveillance state in China to suppress the Uyghur people in western China. What stands out from this investigation is the connection to other countries in the form of partnership and resources. This has included association with Curtin University and cotton supply for clothes by companies such as Cotton On. What this cultural genocide highlights is that we all have a part to play whether we wish to recognise it or not.