🎧 Susan Rogers (Take 5)

Listened Susan Rogers (Take 5) from abc.net.au

She shared tales of his relentless work ethic, spending sleepless nights recording what would become some of his most iconic music. β€œSo many of his hours were spent in isolation to achieve his dreams,” she said.

β€œHe was a boss, he had a lot of employees; he made a lot of money for people at the age of 25, and he was responsible and a good leader. What does it take to be like that? What does it take to not do drugs and not be involved in whatever bacchanalia that rock stars are sometimes involved in?

β€œWhat does it take to focus on the work at that young age? With no songwriting partner – it’s not like it was Lennon and McCartney or Jagger and Richards; it’s one guy all by himself from North Minneapolis figuring this out on his own. It took tremendous guts, as well as brains and heart and everything else.”

Zan Rowe speaks with Susan Rogers about working with Prince, archiving his music and our experience of music. One of the points made is that the listener takes a similar journey to the producer. We get what we put in.

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