💬 Student vs. System

Replied to Student vs. System | Adjusting Course Blog | Dr. Brad Gustafson (Adjusting Course Blog)

Questions to Support Learner-Driven Systems:

  • What leadership behaviors can we demonstrate to ensure our learners will continue to bring their best ideas forward (even if they might not be perfect)?
  • If every decision needs to be immediately scalable, how will we ensure we’re nimble enough to remain relevant to the learners we serve?
  • To what extent are we living up to our mission, vision, and values, and are there multiple pathways to create more learner-driven schools?
  • What are the unintended consequences of standardizing personalization or innovation?
  • Is there a way we can say “yes” to an idea while still ensuring other organizational goals (e.g. alignment, consistency, scalability, budgets, sustainability)?
  • Could our commitment to student safety also be personalized, so it’s not a barrier to the kind of culture we want to create?
This is such an interesting post Brad. Being in a more of a system role, it can feel demoralising at times to say no or to limit the flexibility of a given solution for the sake of equitable scale-ability. I see the system as an often invisible foundation (hopefully) allowing for innovation to prosper. I think that we have issues when we push innovation that works against the system.

In regards to your actual conundrum, I find it sad that we often have to rely on the generosity of donations to fund such ‘innovations’.

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