šŸ’¬ The State of Blogging (Loose Learners)

Replied to Radio #EDUtalk 07-03-2018 Loose Learners Ep 9 The State of Blogging by John Johnston (EDUtalk)

This episode explores a favourite topic for both John and Mariana ā€“ blogging. It explores the current state of things.

Thank you John for the mention. The blogger who I think you were trying to remember is Bill Ferriter. He wrote an interesting post reflecting on the myth of audience.

I sometimes wonder if people like Dave Winer and Alan Levine are the real ‘Big B Bloggers’. This is not because they curate a platform for financial purposes, which they don’t, but because they each in their own ways take blogging to the extremes of what is possible. I consider their pursuit as both cognitive and technical. I think that Micro.blog and #IndieWeb communities capture this too. This is the Big B blogging that I am interested in.

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  1. Hi Aaron, thanks for the link. Iā€™d racked my brains, bookmarks and your site to no avail.
    I am with you on the real B bloggers. Alan is certainly one of my heros.
    Micro.blog and the indieweb have huge potential once a few things get smoothed out.

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