๐Ÿ“‘ What’s Wrong rather than What If

Bookmarked What If? And Whatโ€™s Wrong? โ€“ Sherri Spelic โ€“ Medium by Sherri Spelic (Medium)
I wonder about how we educate our students to see the design in the systems they are witnessing, experiencing, and impacted by. Seeing patterns of design requires more than 6 steps in a prescribed cycle, while looking into the past as well as the future. Design Thinking aligns well a certain kind of neoliberal enthusiasm for entrepreneurship and start-up culture. I question how well it lends itself to addressing social dilemmas fueled by historic inequality and stratification.
Sherri Spelic reflects on design thinking wonder if maybe the empahisis on what if and entrepreneurship would be better focused on what’s wrong and going from there. Definitely some food for thought.

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