๐Ÿ“‘ Some values-based career advice

Bookmarked Some values-based career advice (Open Educational Thinkering)

Responding to a request for advice via blog post, instead of email.

Doug Belshaw provides some thinking and practice associated with getting the most out of your career. Although I have a few questions about opportunity and family, it is definitely a post worth reading and reflecting upon.


Your reactions tell people more about your character than your actions

When all is said and done, the person who holds you back the most in your life and career isโ€ฆ you

Once youโ€™ve got that PhD or have worked for Google, people arenโ€™t asking for โ€˜three years project management experienceโ€™, and the like.

Perhaps Iโ€™m becoming middle-aged, but it seems that a lot of the problems with todayโ€™s society is that people donโ€™t stand for anything other than individualism and whatever late-stage capitalism can offer them.

Thereโ€™s a reason I travel so much. Itโ€™s to meet new people, be exposed to ideas that might not always be shared online, and to experience places that open my mind. These days, we gain a competitive advantage by connecting the dots in new and novel ways. That depends, of course, on knowing where the dots are.

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