📑 Seven Reasons to Geek Out on Educational Theory

Bookmarked Seven Reasons to Geek Out on Educational Theory by an author (John Spencer)

I began to realize that theory isn’t simply something you study abstractly. It is something you use. Theory provides us with a foundation for practical knowledge and a lens for making sense out of our world. With that in mind, here are seven reasons teachers should know educational theory.

John Spencer reflects on his work writing a dissertation and the new found appreciation of theory. To summarise, he provides seven reasons why research is important:

  1. Theory provides a foundation for practical information.
  2. Theory provides nuance.
  3. Theory humbles us.
  4. Theory reminds us of that ideas happen in community.
  5. Theory keeps us from mistaking novelty for innovation.
  6. Theory gives us a critical lens.
  7. Theory gives us evidence for the work we do.

I have often wondered about why to do a PhD. I have been told about the benefit of going deep, but Spencer offers another perspective, a context in which to appreciate research.

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