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Suppose you’re a school teacher and you’re planning an upcoming Parent-Teacher conference. Instead of using a printed sign up sheet, you decide to use a Google Sheets spreadsheet where parents can sign up for a meeting slot.

In the past you’ve had parents forget which slot they signed up for so you’re hoping that a shared Google Sheet that they can access at any time will help solve this problem. You also want to receive an email notification whenever a parent signs up for a slot. This will help you keep track of who hasn’t signed up yet so you can remind them when they drop off or pick up their kids.

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to send email notifications whenever a Google Sheets spreadsheet is edited. We’ll use Google Sheets and some Google Apps Script code to create this “application”.

Although there is a built in Notification Rules within Google Sheets, one of the limitations is that it does not actually stipulates what has changed. I subseqently found this guide for creating a script to send an email when a Google Sheet is edited, as well as this solution to sending to multiple users.

"example@gmail.com" + "," + "example@yahoo.com";

The next step is to think about how this information can be made clearer, possibly listing the specific changes, rather than just highlighting the particular school updated.

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