In a recent group meeting, we watched John Boccuzzi’s TED Talk on the power of the customer experience in getting people on board. It told the story of purchasing a set of glasses and the service that was provided. This was all validated through the responses of strangers who complemented the man on the purchase. The premise was that experience of service and support matters.

I totally agree with this, but the problem is that not everyone can ‘sell glasses’ and sometimes children do not want to eat their vegetables, no matter how many crazy faces you make for them on their plate. It sometimes feels we look for such ‘solutions’ so that we have something to justify why we might have failed or where we could improve next time. The problem is that sometimes ‘the experience’ is somewhat arbitrary. No matter how nice your tone is or how you smile, if you are selling ice to Eskimos then you will always be up against it.

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