💬 Searching for my #IndieWeb WordPress Exit Plan

Replied to Searching for my #IndieWeb WordPress Exit Plan by Greg McVerryGreg McVerry (jgregorymcverry.com)
I love WordPress, it helped me grow immensley. I just think the two of us finally need to say goodbye.
That is a really interesting reflection Greg. I have been told the hosting thing in the past too. I really don’t think that is it. I fear that I don’t pay as much attention to all my moving parts as I should. Guess they work enough for me.

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  1. Thanks Aaron. I think I am leaning towards going back to Known and just build a website with 4-5 html pages. Keep my domain light and my stream on a subdomain.

    The comments in Known aren’t too pretty. Mathais et al did a great job with semantic linkbacks, I will miss those, but overtime I am sure I can figure out the CSS.

    I like the look of Perch, and it is tempting, yet I am holding myself back. If I take that plunge I will dive deep, probably at the cost of other important things in my life. Seems like a summer project. This winter I have to rewrite a course and make it online.

    Ruby would be fun, and I love the CMS options but I am working with folks on ther development tasks in that environment and don’t want the distraction.

    Known was always the most turn key IndieWeb solution. The customization I assessing from folks also means I could develop an aesthetic for my website and carry it over to my stream.

    Plus I have put in a bunch of grants that want to rethink blogging platforms and LMS in the K12 school and we will use Known core as the backbone for our Architecture so I will “still be using what I ask my students use,” and that is always the most important lesson.

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