๐Ÿ“‘ Teens Are Addicted to Socializing, Not Screens – Screenagers in the time of coronavirus

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when physical distancing is no longer required, weโ€™ll get to see that social closeness often involves meaningful co-presence with other humans. Adults took this for granted, but teens had few other options outside of spaces heavily controlled by adults. They went online not because the technology is especially alluring, but because it has long been the most viable option for having meaningful connections with friends given the way that their lives have been structured. Maybe now adults will start recognizing what my research showed: youth are โ€œaddictedโ€ to sociality, not technology for technologyโ€™s sake.

danah boyd reflects on the current flip to online learning suggesting that days spent in a Zoom meeting is not what teens crave.

TV may have killed the radio star, but Zoom and Google Hangouts are going to kill the delight and joy in spending all day in front of screens.

Discussing her research into teens and technology, she explains that what they have always craved is social interactions. I have noticed this with Ms 9 who counts down the minutes to her WebEx sessions.

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