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Scratch My Back is the eighth studio album (and fifteenth album overall) by English musician Peter Gabriel, his first in eight years. It was released in February 2010. The album, recorded at Air Lyndhurstand Real World Studios during 2009, consists of cover versions of twelve songs by various artists, using only orchestra and voice.[4] It is produced by Gabriel himself with Bob Ezrin.[5]

Peter Gabriel collects together a number of covers. Unlike Paul Dempsey’s acoustic covers shared in Shotgun Karaoke, Gabriel strips the songs back to melody and lyrics.

When he eventually decided to make a full album of covers, Mr. Gabriel ruled out drums and guitars. He went on to renounce the funk, soul and world-music elements that have filled his past albums. He was determined to strip the songs down to the bare melody and lyric.(source)

Through the use of voice and orchestra, he provides his own tangent.

He also inverted his usual recording process. Instead of writing and arranging songs before completing the vocals, for “Scratch My Back” the vocals came first, recorded on sparsely accompanied demos. The performances are slow and somber, dropping to a whisper or building to a breaking ululation. Mr. Gabriel’s voice sounds desperate and exposed, clinging to the melody like a life raft. “As you get older, some top notes drop off and bottom notes appear, which I quite like,” Mr. Gabriel said. “You listen to Leonard Cohen or Johnny Cash, and you see the advantage of the lower end.”(source)

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