๐Ÿ“บ Save The Last Dance for Me (Australian Story)

Watched Save The Last Dance for me from ABC News

For decades Luc Longley has remained largely silent about his years with Michael Jordan’s legendary Chicago Bulls team. ย Now he reveals his disappointment about being omitted from The Last Dance documentary and how he made peace with his basketball past.ย 

On the back of documentary The Last Dance, Australian Story explores Luc Longley’s legacy and ommision. I grew up with the myth of Michael Jordan’s achievement being on the back of effort and persistence. I am not sure I understood the sacrifice that comes with such success.

Once again, Longley was forced to reshape himself, to transform his inherently gentle nature into something more warlike. He found that process, and Jordanโ€™s remorseless aggression, challenging.

โ€œHe just had all these sharp edges, like some sort of a ninja star,โ€ Longley says. โ€œHe felt for whatever reason like he needed to charge me with his electricity, which I didnโ€™t actually … Iโ€™m not a conduit for that kind of electricity naturally. 

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