🎡 Run Fast Sleep Naked (Nick Murphy)

Listened Nick Murphy has made an album that Chet Faker never could from triple j

Run Fast Sleep Naked is the result of Murphy’s four-year spiritual journey of self-discovery and musical evolution.

I have really enjoyed Nick Murphy’s latest album. It is a real slow burn. The longer you listen the more it seems to entrance.

Sure, if you’re looking for the simpler seductive pleasures of a β€˜Talk Is Cheap’ or β€˜I’m Into You’, prepare to be disappointed. Run Fast Sleep Naked is more spiritual than it is sensual, and while it demands more of you, Nick Murphy’s evolution from the slinky electro-soul that first gained him attention is part and parcel with his own journey of self-discovery since ditching the Chet Faker stage name.

Place between Snow Patrol and Guy Pearce

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