📑 Robotics – The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Peace?

Bookmarked Robotics – The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Peace? : Stager-to-Go (stager.tv)

A reporter for an Australian education magazine recently sent interview questions about robotics in education, including the obligatory question about AI. The final article, when it runs, only grabs a few of my statements mixed in amongst the thoughts of others. So, here is the interview in its entirety. Of late, I have decided to answer all reporter questions as if they are earnest and thoughtful. Enjoy!

Gary Stager is one of those writers, speakers, thinkers who always gives more than is asked. I am always left think about things differently. In those collection of thoughts, he comments on global measurement:

International education comparisons are immoral and needlessly based on scarcity. In order for Australian students to succeed, it is unnecessary for children in New Zealand to fail. Competition in education always has deleterious effects.

Always sharp and to the point.

Another great example of Stager’s insights is this interview on the Modern Learners podcast:

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