💬 Richard III – a tragic history with a very human ‘villain’

Replied to Richard III – a tragic history with a very human ‘villain’ (Bianca Hewes)

At my previous school, I taught Richard III as part of a comparative study with Al Pacino’s Looking for Richard. I was in the privileged position to select any texts I wanted to teach, and because …

Bianca, I am really enjoying your dive into Shakespeare. I was particularly left thinking about the idea of Shakespeare ‘being super stoked’:

It’s so great, Shakespeare must have been super stoked with himself after writing that scene.

I wonder if that is how it works? With creative genius, is it in the creation or the fine craft of those a part of the process?

For example, I wonder if Kurt Cobain was super stoked with the opening chords of Smells Like Teen Spirit? Or it Butch Vig’s work behind the desk which gave it the punch?

In regards to writing, I remember reading a piece about Raymond Carver and the influence of his editor, Gordan Lish.

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