๐Ÿ“‘ Rewilding Cities

Bookmarked Rewilding Cities – Clive Thompson – Medium (Medium)

Weโ€™ve monocropped streets โ€” so theyโ€™re used almost exclusively for cars. Time to rewild

Inspired by Thalia Verkade and Marco te Brรถmmelstroet’s discussion of banning cars in cities, Clive Thompson thinks about the idea of monocropping and the impact of rewilding beyond just nature.

In the same way that monocropping corn creates weaker, less resilient land, monocropping our streets with cars creates cities that arenโ€™t as vibrant as they ought to be. We often donโ€™t notice it, because weโ€™ve trained ourselves to think of streets as โ€œalmost exclusively for carsโ€. But if you think of all the things you could do with streets, you realize how weird it is that we have, for decades now, used them mostly only for vehicles.

This reminds me of a piece that I wrote a few years ago about ‘rewilding education‘. Also, the suggestion of replacing roads had me thinking about the scene in Babakiueria where they propose replacing the freeway, a ‘baron wasteland’, with bushland. Of course, this is really a comical reference to the tendency to build on top of existing sacred sites.

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