๐Ÿ“‘ “Rewilding,” analog-style

Bookmarked “Rewilding,” analog-style by Rob Walker (The Art of Noticing)

TAoN No. 90: Six ways to escape algorithmic attention patterns by engaging with, you know, reality. Plus: A new icebreaker, and more

Responding to Clive Thompson’s discussion of rewilding your feeds, Rob Walker suggests some analog strategies, including engaging the senses, look out the window, keep a sound diary and appreciate a random person. This reminds me of something I wrote about PLN a few years ago.

The other day my wife and I went and visited her grandparents. As is the usual, I ended up chatting with her grandfather about anything and everything. I love these conversations as no matter how many chats we have, for I always learn something new from him about such topics as farming, fire fighting and the family history. Whether it be about communicating during a fire or the way that the various properties were divided. Although many of these situations do not impact me directly, the problem solving and reasoning behind them does. Solutions for today can so often be found in adapting and extending ideas from the past.

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