👍 Restore dead websites that don’t exist anymore: Archivarix

Liked Restore dead websites that don't exist anymore: Archivarix (tools.robingood.com)
Service fully restores to life dead websites by leveraging the Internet Archive / Wayback Machine available at web.archive.org.Key features:Recreates a working copy of the original websiteDownloadable in .zip fileAuto-elimination of 404 pages, broken images, external links, scripts, etc.Auto-deletion of all banners, counters and other external scripts via AdBlock databaseWebsite optimization in accordance with the recommendations of Google Developers. Tons of more options and features that you can setIntegrated CMS for editing pages of restored websitesFree version: Allows website restore with up to 200 files for free.Additional files will cost 0.5 cents per file or $5 for the first thousand files. Every next thousand files will only cost $0.5.First example: the site contains 385 files, including all pages, images, scripts and style files. From this quantity you can deduct 200 because they will be free of charge. So we have 185 files left and you need to pay only for these. Multiply by the file price $0.005, and it equals to $0.93. The cost of the site recovery is $0.93.Second example: the big site contains 25,520 files. From this quantity you can deduct 200 because they will be free of charge. So we have 25,320 paid files. First thousand will cost $5, and the rest 24,320 costs only $0.5 per thousand, therefore $12.16. Full price for the big site recovery is $17.16.My comment: Unique service can restore old and defunct websites for which you don't even have a backup. The service relies on the Internet Archive to fully reconstruct any website within a specific time period. The cost is negligible. The restored website can be viewed on hosted server with Linux or Apache installed. Highly recommended. Try it out now: https://en.archivarix.com/N.B.: To view the restored website, you need to upload the file set you will receive from Archivarix onto a proper Apache or Linux server. Detailed instructions can be found here:https://en.archivarix.com/tutorial/#list-2 You ma also consider using a tool like https://www.mamp.info/en/ to test/view the restored website on your local computer without having to resort to a full server.
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