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Replied to Responses to change by David Truss (Daily Ink)

I think sometimes we push a group to all change in the same way at the same time. We add something new: a new system, a new approach, a new process, and we expect everyone to respond similarly. But some people are like my shoulder, some like my knee. We need to support the changes we want in such a way that we don’t expect the same responses and results from everyone, and realize that some people are ready to be pushed hard, and others need to go slow.

I think this is one of the biggest challenges that any leader faces when implementing change.

Thank you David for the reminder about change and the importance of remembering that it means different things in different situations.

It reminds me of something that Corrie Barclay recently wrote in regards to reading various ‘how to’ posts:

As much as I have enjoyed reading and engaging with those countless posts and articles written and shared recently about these topics, I am also conscious… maybe not the right word… maybe it is… that schools and school leaders are doing what is right for them, their own situations and their contexts.

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  1. Your differentiation of identity and behaviour had me think about automation & challenges assoc w/ ‘messy problems’, as you say. Responding to your situation in a black & white manner may resolve the issue, but it would then have flow on effect w/ learning & community connections

  2. Two great posts @datruss – both which resonated very well. Your reminder also of “People do the best they can with the resources they have.” is a golden oldie, and one that I feel all school leaders and educators can use to reflect upon current circumstance/s.

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